About Neshama

Coping with the loss of a loved one always evokes emotions and feelings. Along with our shared memories, there are the words we never said, the feelings we shared and those we couldn't, the dreams not yet lived and of course, the missing – they are all present, and sometimes we need to find release, to help cope with these feelings. 

Neshama aspires to be that haven of comfort: a virtual gathering place for people to share memories and thoughts, upload exclusive images of special moments, light virtual candles in memory of the deceased, tell life stories, write poetry, or express their feelings in any other way, by honoring their loved ones with a dedicated virtual memory that shall forever remain. 

At Neshama, you can document the deceased in a dignified manner, connecting the virtual and real world by linking the grave – the last physical resting place where we part from our loved ones – with the feelings, emotions, and thoughts surrounding their absence and our loss. 

Capturing your virtual memories on Neshama allows you to create a virtual and comforting space where you can combine written texts with images or video clips, and connect with other friends or acquaintances which may, in turn, add their own content and share their own memories. You are welcome to use the search engine to locate your loved one's page and add your content or dedication. As the graves in our database are in Hebrew, at this stage, you may only search by using a Hebrew name. If you do not have a Hebrew keyboard please click here

If you cannot find someone, please contact us.

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