Neshama FAQ 

What is the Neshama Project?
At Neshama we have undertaken the complex task of documenting and photographing all graves from each and every one of Israel's cemeteries. The grave symbolizes the final point of departure, where we eternalize the memory of our deceased loved ones. By creating a virtual gravesite for each and every individual, we wish to simplify the process of honoring and remembering, as well as increasing visibility and exposure for this process. 
Which cemeteries are included? 
Click on list of cemeteries to view the updated list of cemeteries included.
Why do you use photos of graves as part of your memorial page?
We believe that the process of honoring and dignifying the deceased on the Neshama website should be linked to the physical world and symbolize the place where you parted from your loved ones for the last time. Every person buried in Israel has one gravesite; one physical location to eternalize his/her memory. At Neshama we hope that the physical and virtual gravesites complement each other in creating and eternalizing the memory of your loved ones. 
Can we send photos of graves from cemeteries in our town?
The task of documentation is meaningful and crucial to us, and we would therefore be happy to help by uploading photos to our site. To do so, please contact us. 
How do I search the site?
At the head of each page is a designated search field where you can enter a name. The search field is currently in Hebrew only, but we have provided a virtual Hebrew keyboard (don't have a Hebrew keyboard? Click here). You can find more information on How to Use. 
Why can't I find the page for my loved one?
At Neshama we make the best of effort to document gravesites and plots all over Israel. However, the page you are searching for may not be on the site for several reasons: 1. The person you are looking for is not in one of the cemeteries in our database (see list of cemeteries) 2. Our search engine couldn't find the name due to a typo/spelling error. You may perform an additional search by clicking "Advanced Search" or contact us for further assistance. 
How can I honor the memory of a loved one who is not on the site or in one of the cemeteries in your database?
The Neshama project is at your service to enable you to create a new page for your dearly departed. In order to do so, send an email to Include a photo of the grave. If necessary, we can provide a professional photographer (for a fee) to document the grave.
How can I update the photo of the grave on the page?
You may send an updated photo to Please add important identifying details, such as the deceased's name, and the location of the grave in the cemetery. Updating photos is free of charge. 
Can I add content without subscribing to the site?
At Neshama we attribute immense importance to preserving the memory and dignity of our loved ones; therefore anyone who has subscribed and agreed to our terms of service may upload content. Agreeing to our terms of service entails an obligation to upload content that is appropriate and dignified, free of advertising, and is not an infringement of copyright. 
What kind of content may I add to the memorial page?
You may add several types of content: personal memories, eulogies, life stories, feelings and thoughts, images, photos of special moments with descriptive captions. You may also upload media including video clips, presentations, or links to songs. 
How do I add content to the page?
See "How to Use" for further details.
How do I add content to the memorial page?
Uploading content is done by locating the page and clicking the designated buttons. For further details, read "How to Use". 
How do I remove content from the memorial page?
Removal of content may be done only by the person who uploaded it. In order to remove existing content, hover over the content and click "remove" "מחק". Again, you may not remove content written by someone else. If you believe that any content is offensive or inappropriate or does not comply with the terms of use for any other reason, you may hover over the content and click "report" "דווח
I could not upload content. Who do I contact?
If you encounter difficulty while trying to upload content, contact us.
How do I share my loved one's page online?
Part of the process is also increasing the visibility of your memorial page, and enabling other friends, family, and acquaintances to view and add content. In order to share your page online, click the blue "fShare" button at the bottom of the page, or copy the page's URL and send the link to friends and family via email. 
How do I create a page for myself to be published on Neshama upon my death?
You may plan your own memorial page which will be uploaded upon your death. Here you may write your life story, choose photos, or embed a film. For further details on how to do this, click "contact us". 
Any further questions or ideas about how we can improve our services?
It's important to us to keep the site updated and relevant. We would be happy to receive your ideas and input on how to make Neshama your own individual place. Write us at "Contact Us", and we will get back to you ASAP.