How to use Neshama site

Neshama allows you to create a personal memorial page for your deceased loved ones, and to share it with family and friends. Initially, each page includes a photo of your loved one's grave, along with basic information, creating a virtual gathering place for anyone wishing to honor their memory. 
You may enrich these pages by adding content, photos, memories, lighting a virtual candle, creating links to presentations or clips, writing eulogies, and more. You may search for your loved one's name by typing their name in Hebrew in the designated search field (don't have a Hebrew keyboard? Click Here). 
Use of our search engine, viewing existing content and lighting a virtual candle are free of charge and do not require subscription. 
We have invested a lot of efforts in the building this data base, and we hope you would use Neshama memorial site in a respectful way.
Adding content is free of charge, but entail a brief registration process during which you must confirm that you have agreed to our terms of use. This is in order to ensure that users maintain the dignity and honor of our community. 

Neshama is for private use only, commercial usage of its contents, is not allowed.

How do I search the site? 
At the top of each page, there is a designated search field where you may enter full or partial details in Hebrew (don't have a Hebrew keyboard? Click here). If necessary, you may use the advanced search engine where you can provide additional information such as year of birth/death or cemetery. If you still cannot find your loved one's grave, contact us and we will be happy to help.

How can I enlarge the photos on the memorial page?
You may click on each individual photo to view the photo of the grave or any other photo appearing on the slider. 

How do I light a virtual memorial candle?
In order to light a virtual memorial candle for your loved ones, go to their page and click "light candle". 

How do I add a memorial text?
On the memorial plaque underneath your loved one's name, there is a field for entering your memories. Here you may share your feelings and memories. In order to see all texts that have been written, click "show all". 

How do I upload photos?
In order to upload photos, click "upload photos", and follow the instructions in the pop-up window. This service allows you to choose photos that already exist on your computer, and to add captions or descriptions for each photo. Clicking "save" will then upload your photo.

How do I add video clips?
 On the lower left side of each page is a link reading "add video". You can click this in order to upload YouTube content. In the pop-up window, enter the URL for the clip and click "save". 

How can I link between several individual memorial pages? 
The site enables you to link between deceased family members or friends. In order to do so, click the option "connect to your friends". This opens another window which details the list of deceased individuals for whom you have already written memories. Clicking any of their names will link their memorial plaques and allow you to specify the nature of the relationship, such as 
"friends/spouse/relative", etc.

How can I enable search by nickname or information that does not appear on the memorial page?
You may add nicknames or middle names by clicking "add search words". You may add this information in Hebrew or any other language.