Participating Cemeteries

The Neshama project aspires to upload photographs and documentation of all graves in Israel's cemeteries. During the first stage, we photographed and documented twelve cemeteries: 

Yarkon Cemetery - Tel Aviv
Trumpeldor  Cemetery - Tel-Aviv
Modi'in Cemetery
Atlit Cemetery
Kibbutz Yechiam Cemetery
Kibbutz Maoz Haim Cemetery
Yokneam Cemetery
Zichron Yaakov Cemetery
Beit Halevi Cemetery
Bnei Zion Cemetery
Kefar Achim Cemetery
Yehud Monoson Cemetery

We will soon be adding additional cemeteries to our database. 
If you wish to receive an update when we upload a cemetery relevant to you, please contact us. 
The site also contains photographs of graves in cemeteries that have not yet been fully documented. The option of opening a memorial page to your loved ones is open to everyone. You may send us photos of your loved ones' gravesites, and we would create their pages. 

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